Master Ken Smith's Modern Arnis Academy

The Modern Arnis Academy is a Martial Arts school with the sole purpose of teaching the Filipino art of Modern Arnis. Chief instructor, Ken Smith, is one of the inheritors of the art of Modern Arnis. We hold classes for children and adults at our dojo at 101 East Mondamin St, Minooka, IL 60447. Contact us today for information on our classes or to setup a trial class.

Modern Arnis Training Systems | M.A.T.S.

M.A.T.S. is a program designed to be both a certification system for instructors and a belt ranking system for their students. Many karate school owners and their black belts start in Modern Arnis because they are looking for a way to enhance their training or incorporate weapons into their curriculum. School owners and black belts train for their teacher certification while working towards their M.A.T.S. ranks. READ MORE