Modern Arnis Training System is a program designed to be both a certification system for instructors and a belt ranking system for their students. Many karate school owners and their black belts start in Modern Arnis because they are looking for a way to enhance their training or incorporate weapons into their curriculum. School owners and black belts train for their teacher certification while working towards their M.A.T.S. ranks. With this in mind, Master Ken Smith created a modular program to address this need.

The idea is simple and goes like this: All instructors are required to train and test for level one: Basic level. Once that is achieved, they can choose from any of the other 11 levels of the M.A.T.S program and to take it back to their own school to incorporate it into their own curriculum immediately. As instructors train for more levels in the MATS program, their level of certification within the MATS program also advances. Instructors also have the freedom to tailor their training and work on the levels that interest them the most.

  • 2 Levels: Basic Instructor
  • 4 Levels: Instructor
  • 6 Levels: Certified Instructor
  • 7 Levels: Black Belt
  • 11 Levels: Master Instructor

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